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                           Computer Controlled Energy Management System.







           "If your only energy strategy is to set back thermostats, you are wasting money."


  • Computer based
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Ensures comfort
  • Keeps on learning
  • Affordable
  • Building intrusion and alarm monitoring


  • Calendar
  • Maintains data records
  • Steam trap monitoring reduces maintenance
  • Calls for help
  • Boiler Monitoring
  • Executive information retrieval
  • Enthalpy and CO2 Level Fresh Air Control

If you are responsible for building operations, you are acutely aware that energy budgets are not elastic. As a matter of fact, you may be facing a declining budget at the same time as energy prices are starting to soar. The "KenTrol Energy Miser" is an affordable, high-efficiency Energy Management System that is adaptable to any organization no matter their size. The system uses a standard PC plus a LAN to control heating and cooling systems resulting in reduced energy demand and outright dollar savings. Reductions in energy usage of 40% or more are not unrealistic.



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A Windows PC provides the control and analysis. New technology sensors called “WatchDogs” replace the thermostats in a building and are connected via a LAN to a second high-tech innovation called a BusMaster.




The BusMaster converts the data from the WatchDogs to a signal that is understood by the PC. The PC analyzes the data and initiates action that setbacks or increases temperatures based on the personalized strategy you set for the rooms in your building(s).

The BusMaster can be installed in an out of the way place.

The control program is a proprietary set of software instructions developed by the Kennedy Controls Corporation that use an advanced calculus function called PID - Proportional Integral Derivative. The use of PID and other unique algorithms in the application are an exclusive development by Kennedy Controls Corporation and are used to make instantaneous decisions, which maximize the reduction of your energy costs.

The data stored on the Windows PC is retrievable from any PC with a connection to the LAN or the Internet. The responsible executive can retrieve current as well as historical data should a question come up or a complaint be made.

The system is designed to work with common types of existing heating and cooling equipment – steam, fuel oil, coal, geo-thermal, propane, or electricity. It is a control system….it does not replace the heating or cooling equipment.


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