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                           Computer Controlled Energy Management System.







Energy prices have already increased dramatically, but they threaten to rise even further. Some experts are predicting that natural gas prices may rise by as much as 100%.

Can you afford to absorb more energy price increases?

Energy Prices


Fortunately, you have an excellent alternative. You can choose to be proactive and manage your energy usage by installing a computer based Kennedy "KenTrol Energy Miser", which is designed for schools, medical centers and commercial buildings. Simply stated, a "KenTrol Energy Miser" provides the tools to help you maximize the value of  your energy dollar while maintaining the comfort of your students, patients, tenants or visitors. "KenTrol Energy Miser" enables you to implement a strategy to decrease energy demand while improving the operation of your heating and cooling sources. The result can be a reduction in energy that can reach 40% or more.


"KenTrol Energy Miser" is easy to install and can provide immediate payback. Return on investment (ROI) does not have to be a long-term, high-risk process. However, you will be pleased to know that the longer the "Energy Miser" is installed, the smarter it gets. It learns from the usage patterns of your installation and provides suggested courses of action to reduce demand further.




"Start reducing energy consumption immediately!"

The Kennedy Group has been designing and manufacturing control devices for over fifty years. We are experienced in the design and manufacture of systems that help our customer's run their businesses with speed and efficiency. Our latest innovation, the "KenTrol Energy Miser", can help you gain control over a runaway budget item.


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